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    Yes! We Won! ---OCOM win the Sales PK Contest and was awarded "The Best Team"

    • Author:Judy Jin
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2015-12-30

    On 2015/12/28, The Summary commendation congress and ceremony of “Sales PK Contest of Shenzhen International Trade Companies” was hold in Shenzhen. In 30 days, OCOM sales team completed 210.05% sales revenue compared with the monthly sales performance of last year, won the competition, was awarded  "The Best Team" ! Mr. Richard Hu, Sales director of OCOM, and Ms. Judy Jin, accountant manager of OCOM were invited to make a speech and sharing report on the ceremony!

    The "Sales PK Contest of Shenzhen International Trade Companies" was originated by Ali Baba company, invited 32 local export-oriented business organizations together to proceed a sales PK contest. 32 Companies, More than 220 salesperson involved, after 30 days hard working in day and night, finally 12 companies achieved their goals, earned their own glory!

    "Performance hegemony, not afraid of difficulties; old and new customers, Let us win together!" OCOM’s Victory is inseparable from the efforts of Sales members, inseparable from quiet and unselfish dedication of logistical support staff, but also inseparable from our new and old customers’ continues support and help!

    In the upcoming 2016, Together we quest for the best!

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