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    commodity barcode introduction

    • Author:Becky
    • Source:OCOM
    • Release on :2015-05-29
    First, commodity barcode:
    It is a global bar code used to identify goods in circulation field. Product bar code by a set of regularly arranged strips, empty and their corresponding characters representing certain information. Barcode bar, air combining section called bar code symbols, the corresponding bar code symbol of the code called by a group of Arabic numerals. Bar code and bar code symbol corresponding to the code information indicated the same.

    Second, barcode types:
    EAN barcodes and barcode for commodity including UPC bar code. GB12904 mainly based on application EAN norm-setting, promotion and application of EAN barcodes. UPC bar code is mainly used in the United States, Canada and other countries. China's exports to the United States, Canada, food, health care commodities need to apply for UPC bar code.

    Third, barcode code structure:
    Product bar code standard version (EAN-13) and shortened version (EAN-8) two kinds, the shortened version for smaller commodity special packaging. Standard Edition product barcode numeric code by the vendor identification code, consisting commodity item code and check code of three parts, a total of 13 digits. Where: The first three digits called a prefix code, unified by the EAN assigned to each country (region) coding organization; vendor identification code assigned by the Article Numbering Center of China to the respective application vendors, each vendor's vendor identification codes are different, in The only opera circles within range.

    Fourth, commodity bar coding Uniqueness principle:
    Barcode commodity item code prepared by the manufacturers themselves, represented categories, specifications, packaging forms and other information. Different commodities must be prepared in different commodity item code, the same commodity in different species, size, packaging, color, etc. should also be considered as different commodities, the preparation of different codes: the preparation and uniqueness of principles based on GB12904-2003 commodity item code.