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    How to use Android devices connect to a LAN printer

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-12-24
                                          How to use Android devices connect to a LAN printer 

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        First, we need to connect the printer to the network port to the LAN, IP address of the printer's needs and at the same LAN segment, such as the current default gateway router is, the static IP address of the printer is, now I need let Android devices are also connected to the LAN, the general use wifi to connect to the LAN router.
       Then turn on the Android device install test software, IP address enter the printer and click the connection, so the printer and Android devices to establish a LAN connection, the characters we send to print and click on print, the printer prints out the opportunity to follow the instructions of characters .
       OCOM company's network port on the printer using the Android device SDK, can be provided to the developer to develop their own applications.

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